MacBook pro finally upgraded.

I finally took the plunge and bought the MacBook pro to replace our ageing dell 1545 laptop. What an upgrade. I was really torn between the portability of the MacBook air and the power of the pro. After weighing it up and asking certain techy friends I decided to ditch the portability of the air and go for the slightly heavier but more powerful pro.

So far I’m really impressed. The apple migration assistant was great and copied everything over Ethernet in a little over an hour from my old machine to the new one. That’s over 90gb of stuff copied & organised with only a few clicks. Today I’m sat in a coffee shop working, modifying php scripts, uploading files and configuring a MySQL database. What’s more I fully charged it last night and after 5 hours of use I still have 36% charge left, and it’s been hammered today already. So much stuff open including dreamweaver, photoshop, safari, mail, iTunes.

Another great thing about this laptop is the unibody design. My previous laptops always felt a little brittle, like if you picked it up it would break in two. This laptop feels very sturdy & rugged.

Granted all these perks come at a price of over £1000 but our new philosophy is to invest in the best. For too long has cutting costs caused headaches and days of installing & reinstalling.

So far I’m loving iCloud & photo stream. All my photos in sync ready to use on the iPad, iPhone & macs. So much easier than trying to manually sync everything up and creating duplicates.

Anyway a few photos of the new baby.








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