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My name is John Large. I am a qualified Web Developer & all round geek. After completing a Degree in Web Development, I went on to work in the Web Design industry as a developer, senior developer & server architect. After a couple of years working in the industry, I returned to University in Manchester to complete a Computer Science Masterโ€™s degree. I now hold a Web Development BSc and a Computer Science MSc.

Since finishing my Masterโ€™s degree in 2008 I’ve been working on various projects & small business ventures, such as E-commerce websites, blogs & various other ventures. I plan to return to University in the future to become & lecturer & complete my PhD but right now I’m happy learning more & more about the digital world & web development.

My areas of interest include hardware hacking, digital privacy & security, social media & computer hardware. I’m also a minimalist in the making, interested in the Tiny House movement & the experience economy along with a strong interest in sustainability & renewable energy. When I’m not tapping on a keyboard or swiping a smart phone I can be found sampling great coffee, travelling the world with my wife Vicki (who writes over at Let’s Talk Beauty) & generally trying to live my life as unconventionally as possible.

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  1. Hey your xbox looks great and i was hoping you might be able to help me. I installed the chip in my xbox ( xecuter 2.6 ce Xbox ver 1.6) and i plug it in and when i turn it on with the chip turned on it just turns off and on 3 times then turns on and theres no picture? I don’t know if that means my xbox is broken or i messed up the instal but i can ‘t find anyone to help me on this. Hope maybe you can help me. Thanks,

  2. Hi Greg.

    By the sounds of it, you either have a problem with how your chip is flashed, in which case I would reflash the banks on your chip. Either that, or you have a loose connection somewhere. I would reflash the chip first and try that. Does it boot with the chip turned off? If it does it definitely suggests a flashing issue. Remember your drive needs to be either the original locked drive, or a larger drive which you have locked.

  3. Hi John,

    I just wanted to drop you a word of thanks for your excellent article on getting Samba working on OS X Lion. Not being able to access my test videos from my mac on my media player was a bit of a pain to say the least. Your article was really clear and straightforward to implement.

    I added a link to your article to the main forums on the media player site as several other people were asking similar questions.

    Thanks again!


  4. Phenomenal blog John, I’ll be following with interest, I’m looking to do the same downsizing/eliminating my credit and it definitely is a challenge but with an eye on the horizon I know it’ll be worth the perceived hardship.

    Keep blogging and hopefully meet for a beer/coffee (on me) soon!



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