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Last Updated: 28th July 2021

In the process of moving

I’m still living in Cornwall full time. Still looking to move to Amsterdam, but between the pandemic, a family death & Brexit it hasn’t yet happened. The wait continues

Travel Plans

No travel for the last 18 months. Aiming for Amsterdam/Berlin/Leipzig/Vienna/Paris early 2022


I’m still researching towards my PhD. I was unable to start my PhD due to funding issues following the 2016 referendum & subsequent pandemic, so I’m still preparing for when I can start. My initial area of interest was technical & anthropological, looking at how social media & technology changes society & communities. With the fallout of 2016-2020, that question is a bit of a moot point, so I’ve pivoted to improving privacy & ethics in social media, following the work of the Center for Humane technology & writers such as Derek Sivers & Cal Newport. I read & research as much as possible. I’ve changed my own behaviour, dropped Instagram and use only Twitter sparingly.

Minimalism & Meditation

I’m continuing my minimalism journey & I’ve trimmed my possessions down by about 80%. I’ve still got work to do before I feel free enough to live, move & think wherever & whenever I like. With reduced screen time & cutting out of distractions I’ve also found time daily for meditation. I’m currently doing between 15-30 minutes a day & feeling much clearer for it.

I’m Reading

I’m Listening To

I’m Watching