iPad, nah – iPhone 4 Yes Please

Well after all the hype over the iPad, I have to say after playing with one I’m not overly impressed. It’s a quick ass piece of kit, don’t get me wrong, but the price point is way off. After all it’s iPhone OS so we rely on apps, and the lack of file system access & printing mean it will never replace a laptop. Besides, I can’t see CS4/CS5 for iPad arriving anytime soon. I really do think it’s a good piece of kit, and would have one no question if the price wasn’t so high. I’ll get one soon enough but it’s not a game changing device so no rush.

So today we have the iPhone 4 announced, and that is a game changer. The iPhone 3G I have is probably the single most influential piece of technology I have bought in years. It has freed me from the office allowing me to do my work from anywhere. Emailing, blogging, tweeting, calling, texting, browsing, apping. It really is a great device, and the iPhone 4 promises so much more. A 5MP camera, front & rear facing with flash, awesome. Glass front & back which is many times stronger than plastic, and won’t scratch like the plastic backed 3G, awesome. Faster HSDPA superb. 720p video recording, nice. Multitasking, yes. It’s just ticking all the boxes for me. Video calls look fun and I could see myself dealing with my Business Partner in Scotland from down here on the south coast improving no end with Video calling on our iPhones.

I love it already, and will be buying one. The slated release date is 24th June so I’ll be there for the 32GB version. Only choice I need to make is Black or white?!?

That is all. iPhone 4 awesomeness.

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