A Year Without Spending – Day 17/18/19 – Still not spending & trying to entertain

Twitter - Addictive but free!
Twitter – Addictive but free!


Its now day 19 of my ‘year without spending’ and I will admit it’s getting tougher. It’s quite boring not spending money on going to the Cinema, or going to buy a new gadget or gizmo to keep me entertained. I really need some DVDr’s for the business and for personal use. I may get Vicki to get them for the office and ‘borrow’ a couple to do my data backups. That one has been really hard, the whole not buying DVD media. I burn a lot of stuff from website and server backups, to backups of photos and documents from our array of computers. Tough.

Another thing that I’m finding tough is the feeling poor side of things. In truth i’ve probably got more free cash in the bank than at any time over the past few years, but because I’m not spending it, it feels like I’m being deprived. I guess thats the consumer mindset, and it’s what the marketing types in ‘the city’ have become so good at.

I’m also really feeling the pinch of not having a car. We had a terrific, economical, VW Polo. We owned it from new with 0 miles on the clock, however in our quest to be more frugal it had got to the point where we only used the car for the very rare journey, so we let it go. We are saving for a new car which we hope to buy in the next few months, but the whole not having a car does make you feel a tad trapped. I would love to drive into Manchester and go to the science museum, or for a walk down Castlefield. I would love to jump in and head over to Skipton for a day in the market town and some nice walks in the dales. I really do miss having the car, and I can’t wait to get our new one.

Well today brings much of the same, got quite a lot of things to get done. Unfortunately we both rediscovered Twitter and have since become addicted. I use the twitterific app on the iPhone and Vicki normally has her laptop glued to her in the evening. I’m following some of my favourite people including Robert Llewellyn, Jonathan Ross & Rik Mayall. Russell brand also started following me last night so there goes the neighbourhood 🙂

Right I’ll leave it there for today, going for a family cooked meal tonight and then the quiz which should be fun. It will be another day of not spending, and to be honest, after 3 weeks of this I’m quite used to the kind of day that brings.

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