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Just a quick post to say I started using Unrestrict premium to enable AirPlay on all apps and to allow streaming of audio & video from apps which normally only allow audio streaming. Many apps including tv catchup & live Streaming apps restrict AirPlay streaming to audio only but this will allow you to stream audio & video to your apple tv 2 or 3 via AirPlay.

The main reason I wanted to get this hack working is so I can stream sky sports f1 from my iPad to the apple tv via sky go. I can now do that allowing me to watch on the tv in the kitchen or bedroom as I don’t have multiroom.

A really good app and well worth the $2 cydia store price tag. I’ve not upgraded to ios 6, not much point on the iPad 2 so I’m not missing that. This is only available on ios5 as far as I’m aware.


John Large

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7 thoughts to “Unrestrict premium 2”

  1. Hi, just read your post, did you get the app to work via airplay or was it airplay mirroring ? Downloaded the app yesterday but its not working via airplay on iPhone 4, pretty sure I need to do it with my ipad 2 via airplay mirroring.

  2. I’ve spent the last hour trying to find this fix with no luck. Tried everything.
    Do you have a link that works?

  3. Hi John, sorry to resurrect an old thread. Is there a particular version of sky sports for iPad? I’m runni g iOS 6.2 on an iPad 4 using 2.13 of unrestrict premium 2 and an only get audio via air share..

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