And Finally the working My Subscriptions page with working thumbnails

Kodi YouTube plugin broken – *FIX*

Update 11th August 2017
**If you are having issues with youtube on kodi not showing your subscriptions or videos & loading blank pages, I recommend you download the new YouTube plugin respository from here. Install the repository on Kodi and update the youtube plugin to the latest version, currently YouTube for Kodi 5.4.2. **

Recently Bromix, the developer of the awesome YouTube addon for Kodi decided to quit the project & concentrate on other things. This quickly lead to the addon breaking, days after he announced he was leaving the project. As yet nobody has taken up the reigns on this plugin. Over the past few days the plugin has been broken, with the My Subscriptions tab breaking and thumbnails failing to load. If you use this addon like me you will rely heavily on the My Subscriptions tab. I subscribe to a lot of YouTube channels & tend to watch this in the evening with my wife over watching traditional TV. The My Subscriptions tab essentially brings together all of the latest videos (in order) from every youtuber you subscribe to.

It would appear that since Bromix has left, there are issues with api keys. The initial fix was to generate your own keys and hack together the plugin to get it working. More recently, the awesome Raspberry Rabbit has taken up where Bromix left off and started adding his hacks into a zip, which can be installed from kodi.

Raspberry Rabbit is putting his fixes up on YouTube and as of Feb 23rd, I’m using his mod & everything is working as it should. Today he has added a bunch more of generated API keys into his zip, so this should work in the interim until a more elegant fix is implemented. I’m going to look into this myself as I didn’t realise how much I rely on the YouTube kodi plugin until the past week.

If you want to grab the latest Raspberry Rabbit version, head over to his github page at or download the addon itself directly from

If you are interested in getting this working there is a lot of chatter over on the Kodi forums so go & check them out at

Steps I used to get this working.

1. Go to your kodi profile folder, go into addon data and delete your youtube folder
2. Download the Youtube Master version linked to above
3. In kodi, go to video addons > Get More > use the … button to go back two folder levels and install from zip
4. Select the Youtube Master zip downloaded above & let install
5. Open your new YouTube addon via Video Addons and click sign in.
6. Authenticate twice with the codes shown over at
7. Enjoy your working version of YouTube for Kodi.

If you run into any issues let me know, I’ll update this post as things change. Like I said, I use this addon daily so I’ll always be up to date on the latest developments until it becomes stable again.

The initial YouTube sign in screen on Kodi
The initial YouTube sign in screen
Once signed in, this is the main YouTube addon screen in kodi
Once signed in, this is the main YouTube addon screen
And Finally the working My Subscriptions page with working thumbnails in kodi
And Finally the working My Subscriptions page with working thumbnails

John Large

My name is John Large. I am a Web Developer, E-commerce site owner & all round geek. My areas of interest include hardware hacking, digital privacy & security, social media & computer hardware. I’m also a minimalist in the making, interested in the Tiny House movement & the experience economy along with a strong interest in sustainability & renewable energy. When I’m not tapping on a keyboard or swiping a smart phone I can be found sampling great coffee, travelling the world with my wife Vicki (who writes over at Let’s Talk Beauty) & generally trying to live my life as unconventionally as possible.

46 thoughts to “Kodi YouTube plugin broken – *FIX*”

  1. You’re the man, thanks a bunch….that worked like a charm!
    The only addition here, if you allow me:
    I installed your fix to my android box, from a “SMB” share on my laptop, after I downloaded the Zip file there, which worked really well. This is an option when you go to “install from Zip” then you will see the “SMB” or “window network”, browse to your share on your computer and Voila, thank you!

  2. I didn’t include the source as some people have the zip on a samba share, some upload it to their kodi machine, some have afp shares and I myself have mine shared over NFS. I therefore left the specific location choice down to the individual user. Each user tends to install addons a different way. I’ve always used NFS with kodi and used to upload addons to my profile directory on older XBMC

  3. maybe you can help me out. i installed this version and after deleting the plugin directory from an android box running kodi and bromix’s youtube version. i was getting ‘unknown kind”‘ error. i installed the rasp rabbit version but it gave me no option to login. it was enabled in the settings menu radio button. so i enabled the logout option and it said “login failed” when i tried to logout. so i can not log in or out and still get “unknown kind error”

  4. Did the original plugin work OK with inappropriate content? I never watch any on the media centre so no idea if this problem has always existed.

  5. Top dude, been scratching my head for days til i discovered this post.. 100% working.. Thank you millions.!!

  6. For those out there who’re still having trouble at the time of reading this (as I was), you should delete the Youtube folder in your userdata directory. For most people, that’ll be easy to find. If you’re using it on a Fire TV Stick (or similar) like I am? It’s a little bit more tricky.

    First of all, install ES File Explorer from the Fire TV app store and navigate through sdcard -> Android to find what you need. Once you’ve found the youtube folder under userdata, delete it. To install the Youtube fix, you’ll want adbFire and to find a guide on pushing. If you look up ‘sideload kodi plugins adbfire’ on Google you’ll find one. One thing I will add though is when adding a new device, change the radio box list on the right from other to sdcard. I had to do that before I could push the fix over.

    With that, even those on a Fire TV device (stick or otherwise) should be able to get this up and running!

  7. Thanks, this issue had been bothering me so much for quite a while. The forum thread is a 250+ pages beast, and the guy that has the git repo gives zero instructions. So yeah, really appreciated.

  8. No problem. Glad you got it sorted. Mine has been working fine since I posted this post. If anything changes (and I use it daily) I’ll update this post to save you trawling through the forums.

  9. Hi there. Thank you for this and it works on Kodi on my Android phone. My problem is that how can I put this on KODI apple tv 2. Do you have a file which I can put it manually. I hope you can help me with this. Many thanks

  10. It works fine but the top quality of video is limited to 720p
    I did work on the configuration to force 1080HD but it doesnt work.
    anyway, thank you for such an amazing add-on

  11. I’ve never had Youtube live work on the addon. I think it’s something to do with how live streams are encoded on the fly & don’t have the same formats extra formats available such as those required by this plugin.

  12. Hi Luke.

    Glad you got it working. 720p has always been the limit on the YouTube addon for kodi. This is due to the way the plugin is made & the fact that it has to be open source to be allowed in the Kodi repo. The bitrate between 720p and 1080p aren’t much different and the difference on screen isn’t very noticeable due to the compression used.

  13. I need help to fix the add-on I have to find the add-on data folder and I can’t even find that the person who put kodi on My fire stick is using Navi-x and the tv add-on build. If someone could help that would be amazing.

  14. I am so glad this worked. I needed to turn off auto-updates so it did not update to the broken version.

  15. Hi, I have KODI loaded on Windows and I can’t find the YouTube folder. I can navigate to the profile but the add-ons folder only contains a file called RSS Feeds

  16. Dear John,

    I managed to install the plugin and connect to youtube, I used is to watch music clip but at start of each new title music derails for 30 seconds then it’s ok. is it a youtube limitation or plugin problem ?

    Note, issue is not related to network, I’ve made test and comparaison.

    Thanks for your support

  17. Did you mean there is some sound distortion? On my Raspberry pi 2 I’ve noticed a second or so of distortion at the beginning of some clips. It’s probably a hardware limitation as it buffers enough stream & starts decoding. The first few seconds of video playback are demanding on any system as the file needs to be opened, key frames & details checked & playback initiated.

    I’d be looking at your hardware & general network settings to tweak both. You could also set a large buffer in Kodi to buffer more content. This would have the added bonus of giving the hardware time to catch up with itself before beginning playback.

  18. Deleted youtube plugin from addon folder as well repositry comprising youtube addon, because youtube old version persistantly appeared even after master zip file installed. Instaled master version again and after sign in I was able to see main youtube screen. Problem now is that For popular right now & Browse channels, Unkown kind” message box appear under “exception in content provider banner”. Clicking on “search” brings Error: script failed. video. plugin. youtube master. clicking “Live” gets to next pages with play back failed error or title gets highlighted but nothing happens. Please pl. help.

  19. Thank you! This works, ending weeks of frustration. This is doesn’t work for you don’t forget to authenticate twice… authenticating only once does not work

  20. Signature function not found error on kodi 16.1 and windows 10, i know kodi 17.6 is available, but i would like to know if there is a fix for this youtube plugin

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