iPad 2/iPhone 5.1.1 Jailbreak absinthe music not working Fixed

I’ve been having a problem with Music playing on my iPad since jailbreaking with Absinthe on ios 5.1.1. It’s jailbroken so I can install retinapad for iPhone apps & xbmc for plugin development. Music in the built in app wouldn’t play. I Use itunes match and it would show as playing but nothing would actually play & the track time wouldn’t progress. I suspected a corrupt library somewhere, so I fixed it as follows.

1. Close the Music app, then force close the app to make sure it’s not in memory.
2. Go into settings > Music > and disable itunes match.
3. Install Open SSH via Cydia.
4. SSH into your device with the default username of root and password alpine (I use cyberduck to SSH into my ios devices as it’s a familiar FTP style interface over SSH, very easy to manipulate files without terminal).
5. navigate to /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control
6. Delete everything inside the Music folder
7. Delete any file modified recently, all playlists DB files etc from the itunes folder at /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes (You could probably delete everything in the folder as it should be regenerated by ios, but do so at your own risk, perhaps backup all files in this folder first.
8. Once deleted go back to settings & enable itunes match.
9. Fire up the Music app and watch all your music re-download from iTunes match, now click any song and it should play from the cloud.
10. Download any/all tracks you like & enjoy.

I assume also that its the same story if you sync music to your device instead of using match, a DB must be corrupted, probably MediaLibrary.sqlitedb or MediaLibrary.sqlitedb-wal

Below is a pic of the folders I left alone in my iTunes folder, delete as appropriate & test.

Files left in iTunes folder

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