iOS 8.1.1 update for iPad 2

Just a quick post regarding memory issues and poor performance on iOS 8 when used on an older A5 chipset iPad 2. I upgraded to iOS 8.1.1 tonight and everything seems much improved. It’s nowhere near as quick as iOS 7.1.2 was, but it is snappier and less buggy. Also seems to have fixed the copy and paste issue I hacked a workaround for last week.

Safari loads faster and multi tasking is improved noticeably. Still having issues with gsm not working so I’m limited to wifi only but I’m glad to have a usable iPad 2 again.

Also, a bug in tumblr which prevented you from saving pictures seems to have been addressed. Before, clicking and holding the picture would fail to bring up the context menu for more options. Now seems much better.

Furthermore apps in general seem snappier. It feels like they have cleared up some code allowing more to be unloaded from memory. These devices are limited to 512MB of ram so any improvement in he underlying OS is noticeable.

Great news for everyone rocking an iPad 2. I’m told that it helps on the 4S also but don’t have one to test. Please do let me know.


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