Finally invested in better batteries for our gadgets

It’s been a long time since we last had a decent battery charger & batteries. In fact it was october 2007. I remember it because we took them away with us to NYC for a trip and they never came home with us. Since then, many of our gadgets come with good quality built in lithium ion batteries, so there has been little need for a battery charger. Regular visits to the pound shop or ikea have been perfect for cheap batteries, but far from froogle or Eco.

So we invested in an energizer accu recharge. It came bundled with a set of 1300mah batteries and cost £5.99 from asda on offer. We also opted for some heavy duty 2300mah batteries to power things such as our digital camera. The 4 2300mah where more expensive at £10 but they are well worth it for high drain devices. Now here is the fun part. We spent £16 in total. We have been buying disposable batteries in packs of 4 for £1 each and buying maybe 8 packs a month. So in two months this will have paid for itself, and these are guaranteed for 100’s of charges so they will essentially save us hundreds of pounds over the coming years. The Eco benefits & the cost benefits make this purchase a no brainier and I really hope all my readers will switch to this much greener & cheaper way of powering gadgets.

The charger does AA and AAA batteries so we will be getting more packs of batteries for all our remote controls and clocks. Wonderful.

Battery life has so far been great, with the 1300 mah batteries in my iPod dock far outlasting the previous disposable batteries, and the 2300mah giving 3 times the battery life in our Panasonic lumix digital camera.

Anyway I recommend this gadget to everyone, see the pics below to familiarise yourself with the product before buying.







John Large

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