Downsizing update – One room empty

I finally managed to clear a whole room. The room happens to be a spare bedroom we where using as a store room/guest room. After a lot of selling & donating the contents of the room have been sorted & downsized considerably. Bed has gone as has associated bedding. Furniture has been sold and a lot of the stuff we where storing has been sold off. Feels great. The room is now clean & closed off.

Most of the stuff we had stored in this room where things that people had bought for us which we didn’t really want but felt obliged to keep. These have now been donated to charity. This means that someone will get some joy out of them rather than us storing them & our charity of choice makes some cash in the process. Furthermore we have reduced the size of home we need by one whole bedroom.

We have also cleared out our master bathroom, we have 4 in this house and we are closing off each bathroom until we are using only one.

Finally I’m in the process of clearing out the garage. I have a huge collection of tools that I’ve bought & inherited, but many of the tools I have two or three units of. I don’t need spares and spare spares. These will also be going on eBay and gumtree over the coming days until I’m down to a single concise set of tools.

Any comments much appreciated & if you are doing something similar I would love to hear from you. My last post got so many views so I’m glad you guys are finding my posts & enjoying them.

Now, some pics of the empty room.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

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