We managed to fit our entire life into two van loads

Downsizing – biggest step complete

Well we have now moved out of our massive house. We are looking for a much smaller place so in the mean time we are staying with family & the few belongings we decided to keep are now packed neatly away in storage. We did so many trips to the charity shop in a van, not to mention all the things we sold on eBay including furniture and clothing.

The aim was to get all of our belongings into one short wheelbase transit. We managed to get it down to two loads in said transit but we still have some things to sell so the goal in achievable.

To put it into perspective, we are now staying in one room in a family members home. It’s a fairly big room and we have access to the rest of the house but we have all of our work stuff, along with our bed & a sofa in one room. It’s like a crash course in downsizing but we have adjusted to it in less than a week & the benefits are already clear. I’ll highlight a few.

1. Heating costs – As we are in a small space and the computers & even our bodies give off heat we have no need to heat the room. None at all, in fact it’s cold in Britain and we have the window open.

2. Electricity – We only have a macbook pro using around 20 watts, an iMac using around 40 watts and a lamp using power. The lamp has a 7w bulb so our combined electricity usage is around 70w per hour. Our old house used to idle at around 700w. We got rid of the TV and just use the iMac as a TV to catchup on all of our TV & youTube.

3. Cleaning – Daily chore but takes 5 minutes.

Now we won’t be living like this forever, only until we find the perfect place with a good balance of workspace & living space. So far we are dealing well with it & the savings in the short term are phenomenal. Really looking forward to finding a really efficient and well thought out space to live in. We are so suited to European style apartments, surely we can get something similar in the UK.

We managed to fit our entire life into two van loads
We managed to fit our entire life into two van loads

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