Apple Remote not working in High Sierra

Aluminium Apple remote not working on Mac OS High Sierra with Kodi

Since upgrading my main iMac to High Sierra I’ve noticed that the Aluminium Apple remote I use to control iTunes and Kodi is no longer working as expected. I tend to use the Candelair alternative driver for my remote as it’s better at making the remote play nicely with Kodi, but I’ve found even using the Candelair driver is causing issues. The remote works for left and right but the up & down function isn’t working. This seems to be connected with the core High Sierra driver which is now using the up and down functions for volume control even when using Candelair.

*A fix has been issued for Kodi, if you download this experimental High Sierra remote fix version, install and reboot your mac you should regain apple remote functionality, at least within Kodi.

This issue is driving me mad with Kodi as the remote is now essentially useless. I’m working on a fix and pulling a few things apart in the OS to see if I can figure out what is going on. It doesn’t help that the official Kodi forums seem to be ruined after a ruined MyBB upgrade so I can’t hop onto the forum to discuss with other High Sierra or Kodi users. The fact that the apple remote isn;t working with high sierra is quite a big issue for my daily workflow as I control Kodi with the remote while working.

As a stopgap, I’m using the Kodi remote app on my iPhone to control Kodi. It works, but means I have to be looking down at my phone & then up at the Mac. I miss how simple & intuitive the apple remote is for controlling Kodi, but until a high sierra remote fix is complete I’ll have to make do with a software remote.

If you have found a fix, leave a comment below & I can try it out and update this post as necessary.

If you would like to try the Candelair driver, you can download the preference pane for free on their website.

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  1. Hi, fellow mac user here. I use apple’s native remote driver and my remote doesn’t work unless it is unpaired, making the pairing function useless (well it works for a while then stops working) maybe this is the main issue. I also noticed when I unpair the remote, all the buttons i pressed before that didn’t work start coming through. It’s the OS for sure!

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