Air parrot for osx – AirPlay mirroring to atv2 & atv3

Although AirPlay mirroring is slated for release in OSX mountain lion next month, I’ve always found air parrot to be a great way of AirPlay mirroring & want to share this review with you before Apple steal a lot of their custom.

Air parrot allows you to mirror what’s on your mac screen over the network to your apple TV. It will mirror in 1080p if you have the latest apple TV and it also mirrors the audio from your mac. Surprisingly it keeps everything in sync audio wise and is a great way of watching silverlight content such as SkyGo on your TV via apple TV.

Air Parrot allows me to stream legally my content from Sky Go to any room by mirroring what I see on my desktop display. Essentially I can watch all catch up content and some live stations such as sky sports f1 on any tv in the house.

Air parrot is also useful for full screen presentations via the apple TV. You can demo things on a massive screen, or run full screen presentations including video & audio. I’m really impressed with the software, so much so that I bought licenses for each of our machines.

If you have a need to mirror content from your mac, or would rather not jailbreak your atv this is a good way of watching everything from BBC iplayer, ITV player, 4Od and Demand 5 on your apple tv 2 & big screen TV.

I can’t recommend it enough, I love it when a bunch of developers come up with functionality before the big boys, that really makes a day to day impact on your life. I can’t help thinking that Apple have ripped off Air parrot in mountain lion. Let’s just see how good their implementation is.

Until then, be sure to grab a copy of Air Parrot. You can run it in trial mode for 20 mins, and buy a single license for $10. What a bargain. Check it out at Air Parrot

I leave you with some screenshots & a shot of it mirroring of wifi to the TV.





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One thought to “Air parrot for osx – AirPlay mirroring to atv2 & atv3”

  1. Can it stream skygo movies or is there some form of block on movies?
    Does it stream all sky go content?

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