A Year Without Spending – Day 6 – A Quiet Day

At least the hoarding isnt this bad
At least the hoarding isnt this bad

Well today has been a quiet day on the ‘year without spending’. I’ve almost finished my first week of the project and I’m suprised how fast the week has flown by. It seems like only yesterday I was considering this project. Not a lot to report today. With the exception of sorting out the house (more importantly the office) and selecting items to keep/trash/charity/sell on eBay, it has been a very quiet day indeed.

I’m really suprised at how much time I seem to have at the moment. This could be thoroughly unrelated to the ‘year without spending’, however I beleive it is directly related. I’m not seeking out things to buy, I’m not even entertaining the idea of going into the city to browse and I feel somewhat content at the moment. I wonder how long it will take the contentment to turn into despair and angst? Anyway, I said I would post an entry to this blog everyday, not matter how dull. Hopefully I will have something more to report tomorrow 🙂

John Large

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